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Based on our research we give you our Horizon top 7 insights for 2024.


Understand the economic landscape in Australia, essential for making informed decisions.


Learn about the changing dynamics of required returns and interest rate risks.


Explore how fewer development starts are expected to affect the market.


Analyse how the sector is affected by consumer behavior and online shopping.


Keep an eye on shifts of investments into the living and healthcare sector.


Build on the current state and future expectations of high-density residential.


Prepare for the new mandatory reporting requirements and the impacts.


Some benefits of reading the report:

Performance Forecasting

Macro context analysis, sector-specific insights, trend identification, and expert opinions, enable accurate predictions for 2024 and beyond.

Holistic View

Sector-specific insights reveal diverse market dynamics and interrelations across the property sector.

Emerging Opportunities

Global comparisons, and market sentiment, equips investors with the knowledge to identify innovation trends in the Australian property market.

Our Contributors

The Horizon Report's expert opinions and analysis come from the perspectives of these leading industry professionals.


Chief Economist, Research & Consulting


Partner, Research & Consulting


Partner, Head of Research & Consulting, Victoria


Partner, Head of Residential Research

The Horizon Report sets out our views on Australian real estate, taking you on a journey through the macro context underpinning investment performance, with sector specific insights across office, industrial, alternatives and residential markets that shed light on the path to performance in 2024 and beyond.

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